They’re so pretty together and I wish she was a regular and that they shared more scenes. It’s not the case so I gave up on the show sooner than expected. But I loved season 1 and all the Zoe episodes. She’s a badass, like Reese, a perfect match for him.

"Who wouldn’t?"

"My dad was a party man. Machine politician. Did what he was told. Right up until the cops showed up, put the cuffs on him. The local press was camped out on our lawn for weeks. Then this guy showed up, the guy that the party would send to deal with… Uncomfortable situations. He said two words. And those reporters? They packed up, and they left, and they never came back. And I realized, that’s what I want to be. The person who knows what to say, and always has something to trade."

I ship it like FedEx.


Zoe is my hero.

 You’re probably one of those guys that can get out of anything with a paper clip. 

John. Zoe.

I started watching Person of Interest and damn, started liking “a couple”, they do flirt a lot and is possible they hook up from time to time but it’s only implied in the show. Reese and Zoe. I liked them together from their first episode when they met. Saw the electricity between them. I was hoping she would be a regular but she isn’t, she’s only recurring and they share so few scenes together. So what’s the point in shipping. Oh well. 

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