I have faith that we haven’t seen the last of Mellie and Andrew. Their story isn’t over yet.

I know. :) There’s still hope for them next season but this at the end just wasn’t handled that well with Andrew and Mellie. There was not one Mew moment in the finale. It was just strange after all the trouble of setting them up as a couple, they did a great job but then just erased it all in the finale like it never happened.

Now we have to wait until next season for more Mew! Too long! Like Jon said: If Andrew is still alive, the Mew is still alive.  Love that man for giving us hope. :)

My Brenda/Fritz icon

I’ll always use this Brenda/Fritz icon on Tumblr. They will always be my favorite TV couple, one that was so enjoyable, lovely to ship for 5 years (7 seasons all in all). I never had to really worry about them, all I had to do was wait for their sexy, adorable, scenes to enjoy their interaction.

I’m thankful to James Duff for giving them such amazing writing, development, he’d never break them up, ever. Even when folks told him he should do that because a married couple would hurt a show. Yet, marrying B&F didn’t hurt the show, it made it richer because they could explore them as a married couple. Actually breaking them up would hurt the show. The show would lack that human quality that Jon brought as Fritz. It was nice seeing in between all those murders that profoundly good people exist, like Fritz. His love for Brenda, Brenda’s love for him. Even though they had their difficulties from time to time, it was always clear that they love each other and that they’re gonna work through everything together. I loved ALL their interaction and the writing was never over the top and it never crossed a line. Brenda and Fritz were THE couple of the show, always together. 

Too bad Mellie and Andrew are the victim of that showrunner’s incompetence. It was weird how they just ended them so abruptly and never came back to their story in the finale. Such bad showrunning. I’m convinced James Duff is one of the rare ones who can write a stable TV relationship and isn’t sadistic to his characters like Shonda Rhimes is. 

I don’t watch Major Crimes, except Fritz scenes but I’m convinced the relative success of it can be attributed solely to JD’s writing, to nothing else. His writing made that hated character/actress who’s in the lead tolerable to the audience. Of course there’s another annoying character there now with her, that’s still hated but I think it’s all the actor, not the writing. ‘Cause he looks as annoying as hell. People are watching that show solely for JD’s showrunning/writing while tolerating the two leads who were not original Closer characters. If anything, people continued watching for the original Closer squad members and stayed in the long run for the writing.

I would give a chance to a new James Duff series in a heartbeat but just can’t watch the spin-off with those two insufferable characters in the lead.

But JD still rules!!!!


fritz howard is the sweetest man on earth. i want a fritz howard who will hear my distress over a phone call [even when i tell him im okay] and come to my rescue anyway.

THIS. He’s my all-time favorite TV character. I’m still thinking of when Jon gave me a Fritz hug on Twitter. He said “I’ll be gentle” and I just died………… so Fritzy-like!


I can not with them. CAN NOT. 

… still ahead! Like Jon says “If Andrew is still alive, the Mew is still alive.”

I just cannot believe the lengths this amazing man goes to please the shippers. I mean, come on, this pic! He should be writing the Mew storyline! JON TENNEY FTW.

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They are great! 


clubgetright replied to your post “in happier news… i’ve been rewatching “The Closer.”  I so love Brenda…”

I used to love The Closer so so hard… I will definitely have to schedule a re-watch!

It really stands up so far. I’m well into S3 and there’s so many little things that I’d forgotten, and I’m really impressed at how deftly they showed Brenda’s character soften and become a leader instead of the initial dictator position she was used to holding, and expected to be, when she arrived in Priority Homicide. And I love how utterly confident she is in herself and her abilities.

princessgeorge replied to your post “in happier news… i’ve been rewatching “The Closer.”  I so love Brenda…”

I loved that relationship a whole lot too. Really great.

They’re SO SO wonderful to watch. I like Fritz so much, and how he’s both dependable and completely open with his feelings both in love and frustration/anger. And how he makes Brenda, who constantly has 80 million possibilities running through her brain as she tries to sort out which one is correct and key to solving a murder, he makes her focus on the issue at hand and continually pushes her to declare her desires and feelings when all of her training has shown her how to “win” by perceiving everything and taking herself out of the equation. 

Like I said, I’m only into season three but I’m falling in love with them all over again :)

Beautifully said. Brenda and Fritz are truly one of the best TV couples ever. The writing, the acting and the chemistry SO GOOD.


in happier news… i’ve been rewatching “The Closer.” 

I so love Brenda and Fritz’s relationship. I love the way they developed the characters from their courtship through their marriage, with big problems and small, and very much demonstrating the idea that marriage is often choosing to love someone over and over again.

I would like that, yes. 

This has nothing to do with the fact that I gave you a beautiful, rare, expensive plant and you forgot I was coming. 

Oh my god, I love you for making gifs of Fritz and Brenda! So beautiful! Aw Fritz.

"Fritz: What would you like me to tell you?
Brenda: Oh, everything I don’t want to hear."
— The Closer (via imaginations-of-a-crimson-mind)